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Reform Club ~ Information for Visitors

Tours of the Clubhouse

The Reform Club allows reasonable access to the public to view its historic and architectural features, art collection, furniture and artefacts.

The Club does not hold tours for the general public, but by prior arrangement organised groups are welcome on weekday mornings. The minimum number of visitors per group is ten. Those taking part in these tours are invited to contribute £15.00 per person to the Reform Club Conservation Charitable Trust. Visitors are required to adhere to the dress code detailed below.  Please contact Paul Austin to arrange a tour.

The Reform Club also participates in Open House London, which takes place annually in September when hundreds of London buildings open their doors to the public.

Access for Disabled People

There are nine stone steps from the pavement into the Clubhouse and a further eight steps into the main Saloon, so access is awkward for people who are physically disabled or unable to walk.  The Club does, however, have a wheelchair stair climber and many willing hands for those that may require assistance.

Grade I listing limits the scope of alterations but there are plans to make access easier in the coming years.

Dress Code For Members And Their Guests

Members and their guests are required to conform to standards of dress and conduct which are normal in the Club.  In exercising their judgement in this respect members and their guests shall give full consideration to the feelings of others.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with the dress regulation.  (This also applies to functions sponsored by members even when they are not directly responsible for the organisational details).

Porters at the door are authorised to deny admission to anyone considered to be in breach of the dress code.

Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and shirt with full collar. Ties are encouraged but not required. Ladies are required to dress with similar formality. 

  • in the Study, Billiards and Card Rooms

  • during breakfast in the Coffee Room

  • in the Garden
  • Jackets may be removed at any time in the summer months of June, July and August. Recognised national and religious dress and service dress uniform may be worn at any time.

    The following are unacceptable

  • Denim

  • Track suits, leisure wear, shorts, leggings, jodhpur-style trousers and other similar attire

  • T shirts, sweat shirts, bodice/cropped tops and similar attire

  • Training shoes, hiking boots, deck shoes. Plimsolls, flip-flop sandals and other similar sports style footwear
  • The dress code is relaxed at the weekend after breakfast on Saturday.